Monday, August 4, 2008

Oh, My Aching Back!

I feel like I have been hit by a truck! My back has been hurting so bad that I can barely function. Sleep is nearly out of the question. I started physical therapy, but it is kind of lame. they stretch me for 10 minutes, moving me in ways that I have to move all day anyway to tend to Kailyn. Then they massage me for about 10 minutes, then send me home. It is a hassle, and I dont know if I will be going much longer. I am exhausted. Sleeping has been an eventful task lately, with not much rest coming from it. I toss and turn, and each toss and turn is extremely painful. I have resorted to taking the pain killers the doctor prescribed at night time so I can get SOME sleep. But as soon as it wears off, I am up again. Laying down is just not my favorite thing.

I didnt post about my last doctors appointment. It went well. I still havent gained any weight, and baby is still sounding and being fabulous. They scheduled me an ultrasound for my next appointment, as well as taking the glucose test. I am not so thrilled about the glucose test. Those are not fun. However I am stoked to see my baby again! She is moving so much more these days. Kevin is feeling her on a daily basis, and it seems to amaze him. I really think he will be more helpful this time than he was when Kailyn was a newborn.

Kailyn now believes the baby's name is Abigail. Kevin taught her that the baby in mommy's belly is her little sister, and her name is Abigail. Kai thinks its hilarious that we tell her that there is baby in there. However since a couple of my friends were pregnant, then had babies, she is KIND OF understanding. I keep trying to explain that when the baby is big enough in my belly, I am going to go to the hospital to have a doctor help me get her out of my tummy, then we will all be coming home, and the baby will be living with us. She seems okay with the idea right now, but we will see. I am terrified at how she is going to react when the time actually comes. I hope its love at first sight instead of "who is this intruder in my house?" I am scared of becoming a mother of 2, but excited as well.


Michelle said...

You are a fabulous mom and I know you will handle two with the same dedication, love, and awesome ability which you handle Kai! XOXO

The Ottley's said...

I love your blog! It's nice to see/hear the process! Wonderful lady!